Top 10 Google Chromecast Apps

Unlike many media streaming devices, the Google Chromecast does not come with plethora of pre-loaded applications and remote. Even a menu system is lacking in the Chromecast. Chromecast mainly acts as a conduit for different applications. It even acts as a conduit for the content or data you might find on your smartphone, tablet or PC. It is hence extremely important to know which smartphone applications support Chromecast and which ones are actually worth your time and effort. We have thus shortlisted 10 best and all-time favorite Google Chromecast applications for you.


Netflix still does not offer its own hardware. The company aims at delivering its service on-demand through every platform and device known to humans. The integration is extremely smooth across both Android and iOS applications. Netflix mainly offers free download along with an optimal monthly subscription fees. It is available in Latin America, Canada, US and some parts of Europe.

  • HBO GO

HBO go

HBO is a popular name and is known for producing TV shows which are of the highest calibre. Due to this very reason, the audience is always eager to watch its latest programs. Mainly available to US subscribers, this application is extremely popular and widely known to people.


Chromecast is the simplest route for whipping videos across your television. The best part is that both Google Play Movies and TV and Chromecast are the offerings of Google. Hence syncing both should not be a tough task for users. There are approximately 5 markets for Google Play TV shows and 69 markets for Google Play Movies.


This application is backed by Sony Pictures Entertainment. A free media streaming service at your disposal is always helpful, especially when it supports Google’s Chromecast. Crackle is a pocket-friendly option and is available in Australia, Latin America, Canada and US.


BBC is not only the national treasure of Britain but is also held in high regards by people throughout the world. Its efforts in digital media are spearheaded by iPlayer, which is a portal for streaming television, movies and radio on the internet. This application is highly compatible with Chromecast and is available mainly in UK. Its global version is available in 14 different countries.


Hulu Plus might not be as good as Netflix but it still offers decent media streaming service. If you cannot find a particular episode or series on Netflix, then there are high chances that you can find it on Hulu Plus. Hulu Plus also airs its own shows but they do not match the quality of Netflix’s series.


The energy drinks company was one of the first few companies to embrace this Google’s streaming dongle. Red Bull TV is a media powerhouse and sponsors world class athletes in a wide range of action sports. This application is available worldwide and for free.


In the West, it is extremely difficult to obtain Asian drama and anime. Japanese media is usually released on platforms like Blu-ray and DVDs. Crunchyroll offers you the best alternative here. A subscription-based package is also available to audience and it gives access to HD content.


chromecast apps- fandor

Fandor is the app for all the indie lovers. It has an on-demand streaming service which is designed mainly for smaller indie films. With this application, you can simply boot up an art-house rarity on your own television via Chromecast.


chromecast apps - post tv

The Washington Post was the very first news publication to support Google’s Chromecast. The video focused Post TV application is of great interest and is available on Android devices. This application is available worldwide and for free.

Apart from the above-mentioned applications, you can even check out MLS Matchday, Youtube, Watch ESPN, MLB.TV and BT Sport.