Chromecast Ultra – Everything you should know

Google Chromecast Ultra

Google’s Chromecast has been tremendously successful in the field of digital media streaming. Its latest Chromecast Ultra was launched on 6th November 2016. The Chromecast Ultra does not look much different from its brothers but the key to unlock the best resolution in the world of streaming is available under the hood of this model. For those people who eye for a versatile way to stream in 4K Ultra HD, Google’s Chromecast Ultra is the best bet.

chromecast ultra



The best thing about Chromecast Ultra is that you can plug it into your television and wall outlet. This model cannot source power directly from television like previous Chromecast models. Apart from this, the other big change is that, for some users, 4K media streaming will require hardwiring the device via Ethernet port on the device to your modem. This hardwiring will offer you the safest bet. As this does not come with real accessories, you will also need your own Ethernet cable.


Chromecast Ultra looks like its siblings. However, its glossy and polished surface and toned-down color scheme makes it a little different from its brothers. The old Chromecast logo has also been replaced with a ‘G’ symbol to make the users know that it is a Google product.


A few hardware updates have also been added to Chromecast Ultra. The basic claim made by the company is that this model will make streaming 1.8 times faster. However, in reality, the users did not experience such a power boost to the streaming speed. Despite this, we can safely say that Chromecast Ultra is slightly some seconds faster at loading HD content than its siblings. Ultra’s Wi-Fi connection is 802.1 lakh compatible and it can easily connect to both 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz access points.

Unlike Nvidia’s Shield streaming device and Roku Stick, Chromecast Ultra supports both HDR 10 and Dolby Vision for the perfect compatibility of any media streamer in this price range.

Chromecast Ultra is presently, the only media streamer that supports 4K HDR videos on YouTube. Apart from this, the Chromecast application support is also very well-built. It offers support for applications like Google Play Movies, Vudu etc.


Display: 4K Ultra HD with high dynamic range

Connectivity: HDMI, Wifi and Ethernet

Power: Micro-USB

Dimensions: 58.2 mm × 58.2 mm × 13.70 mm

Weight: 47 g

Audio DAC: N/A



Chromecast Ultra’s interface is similar to that of its Chromecast 2015 update. The biggest addition to 2015’s model was the ‘voice search’ feature which searches data across a few applications like YouTube and Netflix and this feature is available on Chromecast Ultra as well.


Thus Chromecast Ultra rules out many of its competitors. It is, by far, the best media streaming device ever made Google. It is a must-have for all those people who want the best video quality and unperturbed video streaming.