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Chromecast allows you to play multiple games on your television. All you need is Google’s streaming stick and your tablet or smart phone to get started. Most of the Chromecast games are family-friendly and are designed for a fun night. For some particular games, Chromecast performs admirably. Some of the best chromecast games are-

Big web quiz- chromecast games

This game is for multiple players. Up to 5 players can join this game and can represent themselves with a zany avatar. Questions are broadcasted on the screen and the players have to choose the correct answer on their phone. The set of questions mainly deals with entertainment and culture. So if these fields are your area of interest, you can definitely win a bout or two.


math duel

As the name indicates, this game is for all the people who love numbers. This game checks your mental math capability. There are no difficult calculations. Up to four members can play this game at once and the person who first scores 10000 points is the winner.


scrabble blitz - chromecast games

This game is for all the word lovers. Scrabble Blitz is a perfect version of the traditional Crossword. It is a fast paced game and you have to make as many words as possible from the given block of letters. This sounds more like Boggle. The rules of playing Scrabble Blitz are somewhat similar to the rules of traditional Scrabble.


connect 4 squads - chromecast games

This is a well configured for playing on the Chromecast. You can use your smartphone to drop the virtual checker pieces to fit into the virtual game structure. Gestures like direct, rotate or swipe can be used fit these checker pieces on the game board. It is a smooth and lag free game.


emoji party

This game is pure fun. You have to guess the titles of movies based on the emoji on the screen. This game brings in good competition by allowing you to zap other players with cards, thus slowing them down considerably.


alien invaders

It is a perfect game for adventure lovers. You control the spaceship with your smartphone, moving it to the right or left. You blast the alien ships by using the middle button. This game is fun only for a few rounds.


just dance now

This game was a great choice on Wii. The game has made a decent transition to the Chromecast now. There are approximately 97 songs which may take a while to download. This game is pure fun. All you have to do is that you need to mimic a dancing figure. If you are successful at it, you get the points.


monopoly dash

This real estate game is a decent choice among players. This game is a mixture of Go Fish and Monopoly which makes it kind of weird but still an interesting choice. Both Android and iOS users can play it.

Apart from the above-mentioned 8 chromecast games, you can even check out Trivia Bash and Memory Cast as they have had a decent reception from the audience.