Chromecast Alternatives

What is Google Chromecast ?

Google Chromecast is a digital streaming devices developed by Google. A Chromecast is designed as a small dongle and it enables users with a personal computer or a smartphone to control the playing of an internet-streamed video or audio content on television. Apart from this, the streaming content can even be mirrored from the Chrome browser running on some Android device or on a personal computer.

This technological wonder was initially launched in the USA on 24 July, 2013, for under $50. The second generation of the Chromecast was released in September 2015. The latest Chromecast model, Chromecast Ultra, was launched in November 2016. Chromecast has always been widely appreciated by the critics. It is a simple yet a potent device and has the potential for future application support.

Notable Features of the Google Chromecast 

    • It offers two ways to stream media: the first uses web apps and smartphones that support the Google Cast technology whereas the second one allows mirroring of the media from Google Chrome browser running on Android device or personal computer.
    • Playback is mainly initiated through the ‘cast’ button on the sender’s gadget.
    • Chromecasts plug into the HDMI port of an HD television or monitor.
    • The device of the sender needs to be connected with the Wifi for casting content.

Special Google Chromecast Deals

Specifications Of Google Chromecast for three generations

First Generation Chromecast features

Dimensions: 72 mm X 35 mm X 12 mm

Weight: 34 g

HDMI: HDMI plug built into the model

System on a chip: Marvell Armada 1500-mini system

Processor: ARM Cortex-A9 processor


  • 512 MB Micron DDR3L RAM
  • 2 GB flash storage

Power: Micro-USB

Second Generation Chromecast features

Dimensions: 51.9 mm X 51.9 mm X 13.49 mm

Weight: 39.1 g

HDMI: Short length of HDMI cable attached

System on a chip: Marvell Armada 1500 Mini Plus SoC

Processor: ARM Cortex A7 processor run at 1.2 GHz

Power: Micro- USB


  • 512 MB of Samsung DDR3L RAM
  • 256 MB flash storage

Chromecast Ultra Features

Display: 4K Ultra HD with high dynamic range

Connectivity: HDMI, Wifi and Ethernet

Power: Micro-USB

Dimensions: 58.2 mm × 58.2 mm × 13.70 mm

Weight: 47 g

Chromecast Audio Features

Dimensions: 51.9 mm × 51.9 mm × 13.49 mm

System on a chip: Marvell Armada 1500 Mini Plus 88DE3006

Memory: 256 MB RAM

Storage: 256 MB

Weight: 30.7 g

Power: Micro-USB

Connectivity: Wifi, 3.5 mm audio jack and Ethernet

Audio DAC: AKM AK4430 192kHz 24-Bit DAC

Sales And Reception Of Google Chromecast

Google had sold more than 400 million Chromecasts by July 2014. The number surpassed one billion by January 2015. Google has confirmed that Chromecast is, by far, the best media streaming device the United States. The reception of Chromecast has been noteworthy and according to Strategy Analytics, Google Chromecast captured more than 30% of the digital streaming market internationally in the year 2015 alone.

Chromecast has been named as the “Best Product of 2013” by Digital Trends. It has even won Editor’s Choice award for “Home Theater Product of the Year”. Google Chromecast has won many accolades and its makers are innovating to provide better media streaming devices to customers.

Special Google Chromecast Deals

TOP 11 Google Chromecast alternatives

The Chromecast by Google is undoubtedly one of the greatest inventions of humans. This 3-inch device when plugged into your television after pairing with your smart phone over Wifi connection, allows you to stream endless content. With Chromecast you can even stream content from some third-party services like Hulu, Netflix etc. Some of the best Google Chromecast alternatives are also available in the market. We have chosen the top 11 for the convenience of our readers.


Apple TV

iPhones and iPods have taken the gadget industry by a storm. In the same way, Apple TV has also got a lot of appreciation and recognition from people. It lets you stream your content directly from iTunes to your TV. You can even stream locally stored content- a feature that is absent in Google Chromecast.

chromecast alternative

Notable features of this Chromecast Alternative

  • Gaming
  • Streaming locally stored files
  • Wide range of streaming services
  • Easy set-up with HDMI socket


 It is perhaps one of the cheapest yet a feature-rich alternative of Chromecast. It is perfect media streaming device if you wish to maximize your satisfaction at the lowest possible cost.


Amazon Fire 

When we talk about Amazon, we often tend to get confused among the whole gamut of services it offers. It has went out of its shadows with the launch of Amazon Fire TV. It is one of the most effective and efficient streaming gadgets ever made. It has a wide range of features and is a perfect option for all those people who love to play games. Fire TV offers the simplest way to view YouTube, HBO Go, Netflix etc. This model easily supersedes Apple TV, Chromecast or any other media streaming devices. Hence it is on the top of our lists.

Notable features

  • More than 500 games
  • Hundreds of TV episodes and movies
  • Voice search


This device is marked slightly on the higher side of your budget but it is definitely worth it. If budget is not an issue for you, then this model is highly recommended.



WD TV is a great alternative developed by Western Digital. You can easily stream TV shows and movies via Netflix in this model. A dedicated native application turns your smartphone into a TV which is highly commendable. Locally stored media can also be easily streamed using this device. With WD TV Live, you no longer need to root or jailbreak your Chromecast to make it compatible with your personal files.

Notable features

  • Converts your smartphone into a TV remote
  • Streams locally stored media
  • Recording
  • Live streaming of TV shows wirelessly
  • Wide range of supported file formats


This device is much affordable and economic than its counterparts. It is however, not as popular and efficient as Apple TV which comes at the same cost.

Special Google Chromecast Deals



Samsung launched this wonder model in the year 2014. This device not only allows you to stream various media files from your tablet or smartphone but you can even stream presentations in a proper workplace. You can choose to stream media with cables or without any cables with HDMI cable or Wifi respectively. Allshare cast needs a Samsung device for being used. The device may either be your Samsung tablet or your Samsung smartphone. This device is a perfect fit in a workplace and is a must-have in case you own a Samsung device.

Notable features

  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for workplace
  • Allows streaming of presentations
  • Streams HD movies, music and TV shows on big screen


This feature-rich model is one of the best media streaming devices you can get at such an affordable cost. It can be considered as good as Amazon Fire TV.



In case you belong to any developing country and are not able to find good media streaming devices, Teewe is your best bet. This device lets you stream media from your PC or smartphone or YouTube directly to your TV. The HDMI dongle fits into your TV and connects wirelessly over Wifi to your tablet or smartphone running the Teewe application. The native Teewe application is available for both iOS and Android smartphone users. It lets you play all your locally stored files (provided they are in acceptable formats). Teewe also has desktop applications for Windows and Mac OS X so that you can stream content from your PC to your television.

Notable features

  • Plugs directly into HDMI ports
  • Connects wirelessly over Wifi
  • Native desktop and smartphone applications
  • Full HD video streaming


This option is extremely pocket-friendly and offers a great value for such a less price. It is an ideal option in countries like India.



This device is a perfect open source alternative to Chromecast and other media streaming devices. You only need a $35 Raspberry Pi and some time for configuring it. PiCast is a great option for all the technology enthusiasts. It is an ideal and free alternative to develop your own content streaming device and get it rolling within an hour. PiCast mainly relies on Ethernet connection. Ethernet is considered way more reliable than Wifi for this purpose. The project is available on Git Hub and is continuously updating and including more new features on a daily basis. In short, PiCast can help you develop your own Google Chromecast. Unlike Chromecast, PiCast supports iOS, Android and any other device.

Notable features

  • Open-source
  • Stream YouTube movies
  • Requires Raspberry Pi
  • Connects on Ethernet and Micro USB connection
  • Supports Android, Windows and iOS devices


PiCast is a welcome option for all the technology lovers. It is a cheaper, more efficient and more functional option than Chromecast. Opt for it if you want to cut costs and experiment with something new and exciting.



Matchstick device is an open-platform streaming device. It is mainly based on Firefox OS. Originally started as a minor project on Kickstarter, Matchstick has now made a big name among some reputed streaming devices. The early supporter was priced at $12. Today, the retail version of Matchstick is available at just $25. This device is basically an HDMI dongle which can be plugged straightaway into your television. The Fling application allows you to ‘fling’ content or media from your smartphone to your television. Once the streaming of the media is done, you can simply use your smartphone without interrupting what is being displayed on your television.

Notable features

  • Based on Firefox OS
  • ‘Fling’ content from smartphone to TV
  • Plug and play HDMI dongle
  • Open platform


The device has been very competitively priced and the open-platform makes it a decent option in comparison to Chromecast, Apple TV and few other content streaming devices.



This media streaming application was developed by CloclWorkMod. It is a free Ios and Android application that allows you to stream videos and photos to your television by using a third party DLNA receiver. AllCast is not a replacement or substitute for Chromecast but is an add-on for it. With its help, you can stream your local content on your television. Allcast supports Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV and many more devices.

Notable features

  • Streaming of local content to your television using the third party DLNA receiver.

Roku Streaming Stick

If cost is not a hindrance, then Roku streaming stick might be a perfect option for you. With this device, you can demand more from your media streaming device. This device is accompanied by a dedicated application interface and remote control. It offers a lot of flexibility as you are free to choose from more than 1200 Roku channels. Unlike Chromecast, Roku streaming stick comes with a free ios and Android application to choose from.

Photo by JeepersMedia

Notable features

  • Over 1200 channels
  • Native ios and Android application to choose from
  • HDMI dongle
  • Wifi remote control


This device is priced a little higher than Google Chromecast but comparatively lower than Apple and Amazon devices. It offers nearly everything you can expect from such a device. It is hence a great option and you can choose it over and above Amazon Fire and Apple TV.



This free android application allows you to stream YouTube videos and your locally stored files to your television. It tries to replicate Chromecast in the best possible manner. After connecting your CheapCast installed smartphone or tablet to your television, you can stream YouTube videos on your television. This application is officially not available on Google Play Store. However, you can always download legal versions of this application from different Android forums.

Notable features

  • Use of HDMI adapter and a compatible device
  • Stream YouTube videos
  • Stream locally stored files
  • Free alternative to Chromecast


By nearly emulating Chromecast , CheapCast makes a great alternative. Ease of use and simple installation process makes it very efficient and effective. You need nothing more than a few minutes to begin with the entire media streaming process. It is that simple!



This media streaming device has been recently launched in the market. It provides you access to hundreds of different TV channels. Now TV HD has been developed by Sky and is a great alternative to the established Apple TV and Chromecast. It is available in six different variants and is compatible with TV services like BBC iplayer and Demand 5. You can watch anything you desire via Now TV. Its application is available for free for the first 14 days of use, thereafter, you can upgrade it to a premium version.

Notable features

  • Services are available on gaming consoles, smart phones, television, PCs and Mac.
  • Free application for first 14 days
  • Flexible payment scheme


Priced $9 onwards, this media streaming device is ideal for anyone who wants both economy and value.